Wilde Art Kids

building creativity through art & nature

Course Summary

Here’s the thing about kids – they’re always believing that something wonderful is about to happen. So let’s make it happen for them.

Wilde Art Kids is a 9-week course for 5-11 year olds designed to encourage creativity through art and nature.

Imagine your child feeling calm, independent, and confident as they approach new challenges. Thinking critically, empathetically, and with a strong sense of self.  Engaging in creativity and nature have been shown to teach just that, and more.

But the best part? We’re going to have SO. MUCH. FUN.    

Kids -- I can’t wait to create wonder with you.

Parents – deep breaths. We’ve got this.

Course Curriculum

Isa Down

Isa Down is the founder of Poppy & Gray Co., and is an illustrator, author, and educator.  Inspired by nature, Isa's unique approach to art and creativity encourages everyone to find their inner artist and explore a creative world.  Isa is the author of "Inking Florals: A Step-by-Step Guide to Creating Dynamic Modern Ink & Watercolor Florals," and teaches courses & workshops.  She also hosts Art Bytes Podcast, and runs classes through Wilde Art.  Isa loves nature, gardening, and exploring. 

Let's see what Isa's students are saying about classes she teaches...

Lynn M.

Previous Student

Isa has a nice teaching style. I always enjoy her classes!

Robbi C.

Previous Student

Isa makes this look ridiculously easy! She delivers her tips and techniques in a very encouraging and down-to-earth style. How could you not want to give it a go!? Thanks, Isa, for another great class.

Becky B.

Previous Student

This is such a great course if you are a beginner or if you have been drawing for a while and want to begin working with watercolors. Each step is explained and demonstrated by the teacher in detail. The video quality is excellent and it is easy to understand the teacher. I highly recommend this class!

Lauren T.

Previous Student

This class really helped me work through some creativity issues I having been having lately. Thank you Isa! This course felt like art therapy for the soul :). I actually was able to open up and 'play' again - and in the process discovered some fun techniques! I loved the personal touch Isa added to this class, the lessons felt like they really came from the heart.